Adobe Photoshop

Available languages: English, French
Version(s): 2017, 2021

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Tosa assessments and certification exams on Adobe Photoshop

Assessments are not required to be proctored when taken remotely, while certification exams must be taken in-person or via our remote proctoring solution.

Assessment test Certification exam
Number of questions NA NA
Duration 0min 0min
Exam protocol Taken online Taken online under proctored conditions, in-person or via our remote proctoring system
Results Skill level on a 1 to 5 scale. Detailed skills reports Score on a 1 to 1000 scale. Diploma delivered within 5 business days

Skills domains

Interface, digital workspace and fundamentals

This domain covers the following skills: creating, opening, and saving documents. It also includes digital graphics, the structure of an image, colorimetry, formats, and keyboard shortcuts.

Geometry and image corrections

The domain covers cropping and editing images, using adjustment layers, applying artistic retouching, and managing advanced tabs options.

Silhouetting, masks and photomontages

The skills assessed in this domain include: organizing layers, overlaying visuals, and using layer blending modes. Also covered in this domain are merging masks with layers and changing the properties of a mask.

Graphic functions and effects, exports and automation

The questions within this domain assess the candidates on their proficiency in applying filters, layer styles, using settings and file formats, creating elaborate visuals, and exporting media.