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Validating your students’ desktop, digital, or graphics with an industry recognized certification strengthens their resume and increases their employability. Ensure college and career readiness means by instilling confidence in your students and preparing them with the digital skills necessary for future success.

Tosa certifications are used by middle schools, high schools, and technology centers, as well as community colleges, technical colleges, and universities around the world.

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The benefits of Tosa certification

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For students:

Earning a Tosa certification as part of a course outcome increases students motivation. They receive a certification score out of 1,000 points that aligns to a proficiency level; validating skills, differentiating them from their peers, providing proof for higher education and job readiness.

For institutions:

Tosa supports educators in CTE, ICT, STEM and other programs by providing detailed skills analysis and reporting. Our certifications provide proof that students have the requisite skills whether they’re beginning their careers or continuing with their education.

Maximize your Perkins V and other funding options by certifying all your students at their individual skill level. Tosa’s detailed result reports put all the necessary funding data at your fingertips.

Tosa, a turnkey solution

Tosa is 100% browser-based, requiring only an internet connection and a browser such as Google Chrome, or Firefox. Our solution integrates easily with your curriculum for both in-person or online learning.

Tosa tests are available in 6 languages, providing students the ability to test in their native language.

Offer Tosa for your students

Adaptive tests, accurate results

Empower your students/ trainees to excel.

Complete, easy-to-interpret pre- and post-course assessment reports identify not only your student’s current skills, but their skill progression and skill gaps as well.

Certification diplomas are sent to students by email and valid for 3 years. The results are verifiable online, and certification can easily be referenced on their resume and LinkedIn.

Tosa remote proctoring

Are your students not on campus? Not a problem.

Tosa Remote Proctoring is a turnkey solution via our partner that specializes in online, remote proctoring services. This option eliminates the need for students be in the classroom or on campus to take their certification exam.

All your students need are an internet connection and a computer equipped with a working webcam and microphone.

LTI integration

Easily Integrate Tosa into your LMS.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your LMS (Blackboard, Moodle, EDX, IMS Global, Canvas and more) through LTI. Integrating pre- and post-course assessments and certifications can be done in a simple and transparent way.

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They choose Tosa

How Tosa works

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Formative assessment

Utilizing a pre-course assessment, or formative assessment, allows you and your students to identify their current skills and knowledge, then focus efforts on areas that need growth or improvement.

Your course

The formative assessment allows you to identify the proficiency levels of your students, so you can focus on teaching them the skills necessary for future success.

Tosa tests are designed using skills frameworks that outline knowledge and skill needed at each level of proficiency. These frameworks allow for easy integration into your existing curriculum for both in-person and online learning.

Progress evaluation

A post-course, or summative, assessment allows you to measure your students' progress and identify any additional skills to that need improvement before they take the exam to certify their individual proficiency level.


Certification exams must be taken in the classroom, in a testing center, or using Tosa remote proctoring.

The certification diploma shows your student’s score out of 1,000 points and their individual proficiency level, allowing them to share their competencies on their resume and college applications.

Tosa’s numeric scores can also easily be integrated into your overall class grades.

Our test offerings

Tosa tests assess and certify desktop, digital, graphics and coding skills. To help you identify the right tests to fit your needs, our certifications are divided into 4 categories:

our test offerings desktop our test offerings graphics our test offerings digital our test offerings code

74% of certified students say that Tosa has increased their confidence in their skills*

82% were able to enhance their resume with their Tosa score and increase their interviews*

87% of certified students recommend Tosa*

*Survey of Tosa certified individuals performed by Epoka, for Isograd - September 2019.