Available languages: French, English
Version(s): , CyberCitizen Junior (for K-12 students)

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Tosa assessments and certification exams on Cybersecurity

Assessments are not required to be proctored when taken remotely, while certification exams must be taken in-person or via our remote proctoring solution.

Assessment test Certification exam
Number of questions 25 35
Duration 40min 60min
Exam protocol Taken online Taken online under proctored conditions, in-person or via our remote proctoring system
Results Skill level on a 1 to 5 scale. Detailed skills reports Score on a 1 to 1000 scale. Diploma delivered within 5 business days

Skills domains

The cybersecurity world

The candidate will be tested on their knowledge of the different cyber security players and their roles: the attackers and their targets, the key people to contact within a company, the public players. This domain also covers knowledge of the main types of attack (vectors, targets, potential impacts), and the knowledge and skills related to digital identity and authentication.

Security in the workplace

The candidate should demonstrate their ability to secure their data and devices in the workplace by identifying data exposure on a workstation and limit them, handling removable devices and external storage, recognize the main social engineering attack techniques and know how to protect data and people from the human factor. Questions also cover updating software and downloading from trusted sources.

Security on the move

The candidate is assessed on their ability to travel and work in an external environment securely, by physically securing the access to their terminals, safely use and protect data on their smartphones, and using the correct tools and techniques to securely use a wireless network. The questions also assess their ability to limit the data exposed during an external trip.

Security at home

The questions of this domain cover the essential cyber security risks, tools and behaviors while being at home or working remotely. The candidate is tested on their ability to recognize a phishing attempt and take the proper action, to use cloud storage and backups, and to securely handle external files. They will also be tested on their awareness of the risks related to their personal data exposure and their ability to protect their privacy.