Google Docs

test tosa google docs

Available languages: English, French
Version(s): 2021

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Tosa assessments and certification exams on Google Docs

Assessments are not required to be proctored when taken remotely, while certification exams must be taken in-person or via our remote proctoring solution.

Assessment test Certification exam
Number of questions 25 35
Duration 45min 60min
Exam protocol Taken online Taken online under proctored conditions, in-person or via our remote proctoring system
Results Skill level on a 1 to 5 scale. Detailed skills reports Score on a 1 to 1000 scale. Diploma delivered within 5 business days

Google Docs Environment and methods

Questions under this domain cover the most common features and their main functionalities: File, Home, Insert, and Page Setup. They also cover the different display modes in Docs.

  • Using the main functions of the software
  • Knowing and customizing the software environment
  • Knowing and customizing the display mode

Google Docs Page layout and formatting

Questions within this domain cover basic to advanced formatting of a text or paragraph and applying a theme to a document. This domain also includes tabs, indents, borders and margins, and page and section breaks

  • Applying formatting options to texts
  • Creating, handling and customizing styles within documents
  • Using layout tools on paragraphs
  • Using layout options

Google Docs Editing tools

This domain covers bullets and numbering, performing a search, and using spellcheck. Skills on the revision tools, header and footers, footnotes are also assessed

  • Using entry aid tools
  • Managing selection and displacement in a document
  • Using and handling automation tools in documents
  • Inserting and customizing references in documents

Google Docs graphic objects and tables

This domain covers skills with objects in Docs documents: tables, charts, objects, clipart images, and photos. Candidates will also find questions on the functionalities of editing and moving objects.

  • Inserting and modifying graphic objects
  • Handling tables
  • Using graphic object tools