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Available languages: English, French
Version(s): 2021

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Tosa assessments and certification exams on Google Sheets

Assessments are not required to be proctored when taken remotely, while certification exams must be taken in-person or via our remote proctoring solution.

Assessment test Certification exam
Number of questions 25 35
Duration 40min 60min
Exam protocol Taken online Taken online under proctored conditions, in-person or via our remote proctoring system
Results Skill level on a 1 to 5 scale. Detailed skills reports Score on a 1 to 1000 scale. Diploma delivered within 5 business days

Google Sheets Environment and methods

This domain covers the Sheets software environment. It also includes questions related to saving and printing documents on Google Sheets, the layout, and the protection of documents.

  • Using editing tools
  • Knowing the software environment and using the main functions
  • Organizing workbooks, worksheets and tables
  • Knowing and customizing the display mode

Google Sheets Functions

Questions in this domain cover formulas and functions. They vary from simple formulas (computing a sum, performing a simple test), to complex formulas.

  • Using calculation functions within formulas
  • Identifying and inserting database calculation functions
  • Handling formulas

Google Sheets Formatting

Questions in this domain cover cell formatting (alignment, font, styles), advanced number formatting (sorting, charts, advanced filters) and conditional formatting. On the advanced levels, many questions and exercises also focus on data formatting.

  • Creating, and editing digital formats
  • Formatting data in a workbook (formulas, texts, and graphs)
  • Applying and handling conditional formatting

Google Sheets Data manipulation

This skills' block includes questions on formatting data in Sheets (basic cell formatting, conditional formatting, dates, advanced numeric formats...), charts, and pivot tables.

  • Using data management features
  • Creating and handling graphs
  • Creating and editing pivot tables