Premiere Pro

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Tosa assessments and certification exams on Premiere Pro

Assessments are not required to be proctored when taken remotely, while certification exams must be taken in-person or via our remote proctoring solution.

Assessment test Certification exam
Number of questions 25 35
Duration 40min 60min
Exam protocol Taken online Taken online under proctored conditions, in-person or via our remote proctoring system
Results Skill level on a 1 to 5 scale. Detailed skills reports Score on a 1 to 1000 scale. Diploma delivered within 5 business days

Skills domains and sub-domains

Environment and Project Set up

The questions in this domain focus on identifying the various elements of the Adobe Premiere Pro interface and their functions. The questions also cover the layout and customization of the Adobe Premiere Pro workspace.

    Visual elements

    This domain covers skills in organizing and planning video footage as well as identifying the principles of shooting video. Candidates are tested on their knowledge of visual techniques in audio manipulation and still image manipulation to optimize video content. Finally, candidates are tested on their ability to communicate with others (including peers and clients) on design and content projects.

      Video Project Structure and Industry

      Questions in this domain focus on the candidates' ability to identify the purpose of the video preparation and the video content appropriate to the purpose of the project and the target audience. This domain also covers knowledge of copyright rules (provisions, obtaining permissions, and identifying copyrighted material) and the production planning and management process. Candidates are tested on importing media assets (video, image and audio files), arranging, managing and connecting video elements in a sequence. Some questions focus on the management of sound, text and shapes in a video sequence. Finally, candidates are tested on the addition and management of effects and transitions in a video sequence.

        Publishing Digital Media

        This domain covers skills on video export options from Adobe Premiere Pro.