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Cookie policy

A cookie is a small alphanumeric file that is deposited in the terminal of the user's computer, smartphone, tablet, mobile, etc., when it is connected to the Site. The following cookies are used during browsing:
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Candidate data privacy policy

Personal data included in the database is protected under Act No. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004 relating to the protection of individuals in respect of personal data processing (so-called Computer and Freedom Act) and under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) No. 2016-679 applicable as of 25 May 2018. Information collected during a test is stored in a computerized file by Isograd SAS to measure the candidate's skills on the test he has agreed to take. The legal basis for treatment is consent. The data collected will be shared with only the following recipients: the client who registered the candidate (controller), Isograd SAS (the processor) The data is kept for 5 years, however the controller may decide on a longer or shorter duration. When Isograd plays the role of controller (when candidates are directly registered by Isograd on the platform) for treatment, this period is 4 years. ISOGRAD SAS, as processorn has all the necessary skills and credentials. It undertakes to use the personal data of the candidate database only for the purposes necessary to carry out the service provided by the platform, on behalf of the Client according to the client's only treatment purposes. ISOGRAD SAS will consider as strictly confidential any personal information in the candidate database transmitted by the Client. Unless the controller has given it prior permission, ISOGRAD prohibits the information collected from being disseminated or marketed to third parties during the duration of the contract and after its end. You can access, correct, delete, or exercise your right to limit the processing of your data. To exercise these rights or for any questions about the processing of your data in this device, you can contact: or any address provided by the controller at the bottom of the page presented to you after your connection. If you feel, after contacting us, that your "Computer and Freedoms" rights are not respected, you can file a complaint with the CNIL.

Remote proctoring

If your test is remotely proctored, a monitoring solution provided by an external provider, PSI Inc., will be used. PSI Inc. acts as a processor both for Isograd and for the Customer. If you are taking your exam in a French higher education entity, private or public or in a "Lycée", the legal basis for handling of your personal data by PSI Inc is the execution of a mission of General Interest. In all other cases, the legal basis for the handling of your personal data by PSI Inc. is consent. We hereby inform you that the storage of personal data by PSI can take place outside of the European Uniin. PSI Inc.'s privacy policy and the way your personal data is used have been formalized in a contract between PSI and Isograd, for which the model is provided here:

PSI Inc. commits to not using personal data for any purpose other than that of monitoring exams and will not transfer that data to anyone without written instruction from Isograd. The retention time for personal data by PSI is 3 months.