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86% of certified executives recommend Tosa to their employees.

Enhance your employees’ skills and your employer brand by evaluating and certifying their desktop, digital, graphics, or programming skills with Tosa.

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83%of certified employees say they have gained confidence in their skills following their Tosa certification

48%of them agree that the Tosa is useful for obtaining new responsibilities within their company

91%of certified executives say to help boost their employees' IT skills

*Survey of Tosa certified individuals performed by Epoka, for Isograd - September 2019.

How it works


Optimize your training budget and measure training ROI.

Not all employees need training, or the even the same level of training. Identify each employee’s training needs through a pre-training assessment and provide precise training to meet their needs.

  • \tIdentify individual training needs
  • \t Engage employees through individualized training
  • \t Measure knowledge gain and training effectiveness

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Incentivize training participation.

Investing in employee training and certification not only improves employees’ confidence in their skills, but it also improves morale and company culture. Happy employees are more productive and more willing to go the extra mile for your company and customers. Support your commitment to high quality service and corporate responsibility by recognizing your employees’ refreshed skills with an internationally recognized Tosa certification upon training completion.

Don't have an internal training program? Find Tosa aligned learning or contact us to ask about our Training Partners.

Our test offerings

Tosa tests assess and certify desktop, digital, graphics and coding skills. To help you identify the right tests to fit your needs, our certifications are divided into 4 categories:

our test offerings desktop our test offerings graphics our test offerings digital our test offerings code
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