A unique

The Tosa certification is the international standard for measuring IT skills

Tosa certifications are the result of many years of development and innovation.
They are based on a rigorous methodology and unique know-how to meet your quality and reliability challenges.

Methodology and know-how

Utilizing adaptive and scientific testing in a SaaS platform, Tosa provides individuals with a unique experience that combines interactive activities, enriched multiple choice questions, and live in-application questions.

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Custom tests

Types of Questions

Offer your candidates an enriched experience

With several thousand questions available, each Tosa test is unique. The questions are asked in the form of interactive activities, multiple choice questions, and real-life tasks to be carried out directly in the software environment.

types of questions

Skills Framework

Easily integrate Tosa into your programs

Each of our tests is based on a skills framework, which allows our clients to easily integrate Tosa certifications within their existing content or curriculum.
Are you looking for Tosa-aligned course material? We partner with publishers and training companies to provide complete learning and certification solutions. Contact us for more information.

Scoring System

Opt for a reliable, robust, and objective test

Our technology adapts the difficulty level of the test according to the individual's answers to test the limitations of their skill and knowledge. The result is obtained using a scoring method based on IRT (Item Response Theory) and delivers a precise and objective score supported by robust reporting.

Skills reports

Measure the effectiveness of your training

Comprehensive, easy-to-interpret skills reports are generated at the end of each test to help:

  • identify an individual’s skills and skill gaps,
  • adapt course content to meet individual needs,
  • measure the effectiveness of a program/course.

The Tosa Platform

Access the online platform 24/7 without constraints

Our multilingual platform is accessible via a web browser and does not require an installation, download, or updates. With thousands of tests delivered daily, the platform is designed to handle a large number of test candidates simultaneously.

the tosa platform

LTI Integration

Easily integrate our platform to your LMSs thanks to our LTI interface

Our platform has an LTI interface that allows it to communicate with your LMSs (including Blackboard, Moodle, EDX, IMS Global, and more).
The integration of assessments and certifications can be done quickly and efficiently. Question about integration? Contact us at sales@isograd.com

Tosa Remote Proctoring

Give your learners the opportunity to obtain their Tosa certification from wherever they are

Our platform allows individuals to take the certification in class, in an approved testing center, or remotely via our integrated asynchronous online proctoring solution.
Our remote proctoring solution provides added flexibility for both the administrator and the candidate, allowing the certification exam to be taken anywhere, at any time. The candidate only needs an internet connection and a computer equipped with a working webcam and microphone.


To respect the equal treatment of candidates:

  • Our platform is compatible with most Google Chrome accessibility extensions (high contrast, color enhancer, magnifier, voice reading, etc.)
  • We offer the option to adjust the test time allocated to individual with disabilities

Protection of Personal Data

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Isograd Group’s data policy guarantees that any personal information collected is not used for commercial purposes and prohibits the reselling of candidate’s personal data.
Our privacy policy

Deliver Tosa

Whether you are an academic institution, a training organization, or a company of any size, becoming an Approved Testing Center allows you to offer Tosa certifications to your students, trainees, or employees.

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