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Flexible testing to meet your needs

Tosa certification exams can be taken remotely, under proctored exam conditions, or in person through one of thousands of authorized Prometric testing centers worldwide:

Take Your Exam in a Prometric Testing Center

Isograd partners with Prometric, a global leader in test delivery and assessment services, to provide test takers with in-person exam testing services in thousands of Prometric testing locations worldwide.

How it works

  • 1 - Locate the nearest prometric test center to you
    To get started, you will need to locate the nearest Prometric test center to you. You can find this information on the Isograd – Tosa Certifications page on the Prometric website, using Prometric’s “Locate” tool.

  • 2 – Purchase a certification pack with Isograd
    Next, you will need to purchase your certification pack with Isograd. Please note: You cannot purchase a Tosa certification pack through Prometric; you must purchase your certification pack through Isograd. You can purchase your certification pack here.

  • 3 – Redeem your exam voucher and schedule your test with Prometric.
    Once you have purchased your certification pack, an exam voucher will be sent directly to the email address associated with your candidate account. The voucher can then be redeemed to schedule an in-person exam at an authorized Prometric testing center.

On test day

On the day of your test, plan to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment to allow time for check-in procedures.

You will be required to present one valid, non-expired government-issued ID with your photograph and your signature (e.g., a passport, driver's license, national ID or other government issued ID).

For specific test day procedures, conditions, and technical requirements for testing in a Prometric test center, please visit the Prometric website.

Take Your Exam Remotely

Take your Tosa certification exam in the comfort of your own home or office at a time that works best for you. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a working webcam and microphone to get started.

How it works

Tosa certifications can be taken through a remote proctoring solution integrated with Isograd’s testing platform. The proctoring is performed through the recording of your computer webcam, screen, and microphone. The recording is automatically transmitted to Isograd for review at the end of the test for exam score and diploma validation.

  • 1 – Select and purchase your certification pack.
    To get started, you will need to select your certification pack. Isograd allows you to purchase up to two assessment tests to help you practice and improve your skills before the certification exam.

    You will be prompted to register for a candidate account if you are purchasing an exam for the first time and select “Buy an exam.” From there, you will need to choose the “Integrity Advocate” option when you are asked to select your proctoring preference.

  • 2 – Take your exam.
    You will need to ensure you are in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted for the duration of the exam. You will need to remain within your webcam’s field of view for the entire length of the exam or your exam may be invalidated.
    For a full list of technical requirements and exam rules and regulations, please visit our Certification Exam Policies page.

Technical Requirements

Laptop or desktop equipped with a webcam and a microphone

Compatible Operating Systems:

  • Windows 8 and up
  • MacOS 10.13 and up
  • Chrome OS 87 and up

Compatible Browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 90 and up
  • Google Chrome 90 and up

Screen Resolution:

  • 1280x760 or better
  • Google Chrome 90 and up

Minimum Bandwidth Per Exam:

  • 1 MB/s or greater

Buy your Tosa Certification Pack

To help you prepare for your certification, we provide a variety of Tosa certification packs. All Tosa certifications purchased online include remote proctoring.

Tosa certification You are ready. Straight to the exam. $99Buy
Tosa certification + one prep test Take a Tosa assessment to make sure you are ready for the exam. $112Buy
Tosa certification + two prep tests Take a Tosa assessment to identify skill gaps and upskill, then take a second assessment to make sure you are ready for the exam. $119Buy

Specific rates apply for students. Please contact your school to learn more.
Are you from a training organization or academic institution? We offer specific rates and volume discounts for Approved Tosa Test Centers.
Contact us for more information.

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