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In this digital day and age, it’s essential to be able to differentiate yourself within a competitive job market. Tosa certifications measure and provide proof of your digital skills. Test results provide a score out of 1,000 points to be shared on your resume or professional networks.

Why certify?

Why certify?

89% of our certified individuals say that Tosa has helped them gain confidence in their skills.

More than 50% of Tosa certified individuals say they were able to advance within their careers after obtaining their certification

42% of Tosa certified employees were given new responsibilities within their company.

How to certify?

Taking your Tosa certification test remotely

Taking your Tosa certification in the comfort of your own home or office, at a time that is convenient for you eliminates unnecessary stress. To take your certification test remotely, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and working webcam and microphone.

Taking your Tosa certification test remotely

On test day

Bring your photo ID card with you to confirm your identity. You must present a valid photo ID regardless of whether you are testing in person or remotely.

Tosa tests are taken directly on our platform via your personal account. Tosa tests are timed, with the test duration depending on the certification you have selected.

Certification tests are proctored and taken under exam conditions. Electronic devices of any kind (phones, tablets, etc.), headphones/earbuds, documents, and communicating with others are prohibited in the testing environment.

Once you have taken the certification:

You will receive your score at the end of your test. Your results will be validated within 72 hours, and your diploma will be sent via email.

Don't forget to add your Tosa score to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Once you have taken the certification:

Our test offerings

Tosa tests assess and certify desktop, digital, graphics and coding skills. To help you identify the right tests to fit your needs, our certifications are divided into 4 categories:

our test offerings desktop our test offerings graphics our test offerings digital our test offerings code

Understanding your Tosa score

Tosa certifications are fail-proof, meaning everyone is certified at their individual skill level. You’ll receive a score out of 1,000 points to be added to your resume or professional networks.

Level Scores Description
Expert 876 – 1000 Candidate has an extensive knowledge of the subject evaluated. Candidate's productivity in its use is optimal.
Advanced 726 - 875 Candidate has very good knowledge and control of the subject matter being evaluated. Candidate's productivity is excellent.
Productive 551 - 725 Candidate possesses the skills needed to operate effectively in a professional environment.
Basic 351 - 550 Candidate has sufficient knowledge to perform simple tasks.
Beginner 1 - 350 Candidate's knowledge of the evaluated subject is limited.

Our learning partners

Are you looking to increase your skills and knowledge ahead of taking your certification test? Our learning partners have Tosa aligned content that is perfect for your certification preparation.

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