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Being able to demonstrate the improvement of a trainee’s skills through a recognized assessment and certification solution is a major asset for a training organization. Using Tosa assessments prior to training ensures that trainees start in the right course based on their current skillset.

Our certifications are officially recognized in the United States (Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming), Canada, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. They are offered by 1650 approved centers in 22 countries.

Your organization also benefits from the Tosa assessment data which allows you to monitor and maintain the quality of your training courses.

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The benefits of Tosa certification

benefits student institution certification

For trainees

Earning a Tosa certification at the end of a course provides motivation for your trainees. The scored result out of 1,000 points allows them to differentiate themselves and have validation of their skills, and also identifying any skills gaps for additional skill development so that they can choose the right training course.

For the training organizations

Our innovative technology provides a robust, reliable, and objective evaluation and certification solution, without any bias.

Tosa provides independent skills validation that can be used to demonstrate the quality of your training solution. Allowing you to help companies optimize their training budget by focusing their investment and efforts on the employees who need it.

Tosa, a turnkey solution

We offer a solution that is 100% browser based, doesn’t require any downloads, installations, or updates allowing for easy integration into your training courses. Tests are available in multiple languages, which allows trainees to obtain a certification in their native language.

Using our Tosa skills frameworks which detail the skills and knowledge needed for each proficiency level you can align your training content to Tosa certifications.

Offer Tosa to your trainees

Interactive questions and practical exercises

The choice for a reliable and objective test with data-driven results.

Tosa tests are comprised of multi-choice, interactive, live in the application or live coding questions Each of these question types is designed to test what a student know and can do. By using live in the application or live coding students are placed in the real environment, allowing them the ability to perform tasks without the limitations of a simulated environment.

Free test

Adaptive tests, accurate results

Empower your students/ trainees to excel.

Our technology adapts the difficulty level of the test according to the student's prior answers, identifying the true limits of their knowledge and skill. Tosa certifies all learners at their individual skill level, eliminating certification failure rates. Detailed, easy-to-read pre- and post-course assessment reports identify your learners’ current skills and skills gaps, as well as their skill progression to help them prepare for certification.

Following certification, their diploma is sent via email and is valid for 3 years. The results are verifiable online, and the certification score and proficiency level can placed on their resume and LinkedIn.

Remote proctored certification

Certify trainees wherever they are.

Give your trainees the opportunity to take their Tosa certification without travelling to your training facility. Our platform allows for Tosa certifications to be taken on-site in an approved testing center or remotely via an integrated e-monitoring solution. The candidate only needs an internet connection and a computer equipped with a webcam and microphone.

They choose Tosa

Offer Tosa

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Pre-training assessment

Not all trainees need the same level of training. Identify specific training needs through a pre-training assessment and provide precise training that meets the needs of the individual.

  • Identify individual training needs
  • Engage trainees through focused training
  • Measure knowledge gain and training effectiveness

Training course

The pre-training assessment allows you to offer your learners individualized and engaging training courses.

Each Tosa test is designed using a skills framework that outlines the skills and knowledge needed at each proficiency level. These frameworks allow you to easily align your training content and your desired Tosa certification outcomes.

Post-training assessment

A post-training assessment allows you to measure your trainee’s progress and identify any additional skills to that need improvement before they take the exam to certify their individual proficiency level.


Tosa certifications must be taken using face-to-face exam conditions, or via our remote proctoring solution.

The trainee's diplomas are sent to them via email, show their score out of 1,000 points and their individual proficiency level, and are valid for 3 years. Certification results can be easily verified online.

Our test offerings

Tosa tests assess and certify desktop, digital, graphics and coding skills. To help you identify the right tests to fit your needs, our certifications are divided into 4 categories:

our test offerings desktop our test offerings graphics our test offerings digital our test offerings code

of Tosa certified individuals think that the certification is useful for their career evolution.*

84% of those certified say they have increased confidence in their skills after taking their certification.*

93% of our certified individuals recommend Tosa*

*Survey of Tosa certified individuals performed by Epoka, for Isograd - September 2019.